Wines for Autumn

vinhos para o outono / Wines for autumn

Autumn has arrived and with it that chill that makes us want to stay at home and drink good wine.

That’s why we’ve prepared a special selection of wines to help you choose the best for the mid-season.

Here’s what you should consider:


Choose wines that are a little more full-bodied

In autumn, more intense red wines with complex flavors are usually very popular. Wines like Batente Syrah and Castelão are great choices.

Batente Castelão

Batente Syrah Reserva Tinto - Red


Choose wines with more intensity and flavor

Aromatic wines with aromas of ripe fruit and oriental spices are perfect for an autumn evening.

Começo Península de Setúbal Red

Vinhos: Começo Península de Setúbal Tinto


Finding the right pairing

Unlike summer, fall calls for heavier dishes, such as red meats, which go well with Cadeado Alentejano Red. If the dish is cod, Abre a Pestana Península de Setúbal Red is a good choice.

Abre a Pestana Península de Setúbal Red

Vinhos: Abre a Pestana Tinto / Abre a Pestana Res


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