The Best Wines for Winter

notícias vinhos para o inverno / wines for winter

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy fuller-bodied wine labels, with more texture and volume, and to explore the different varieties of red wine that exist.
If you’re a red wine lover, you’re in the right place. We’ve selected 3 perfect red wine labels to warm up your winter and we have options to satisfy all palates.

3 good wines for winter

Cadeado Alentejano Red
Versatile, this red wine has intense aromas of fruit and spices. On the palate, it is full-bodied, balanced and well-structured. You can pair this wine with meat-based meals.

vinhos tintos alentejanos: Cadeado Alentejano Tinto










Trinco Reserve
Known for its strong flavors of ripe fruit, dark chocolate, pepper and mocha, it goes well with game dishes, grilled meats, red meats and stewed meat dishes on cold winter nights.



Gans Península de Setúbal
A complex and structured red wine, with an intense color, slight acidity and a very tasty finish with notes of cedar and vanilla. Ideal with roast meat, cod and creamy cheeses at dinners with family and friends.

Gans Península de Setúbal Tinto


On the longest and coldest nights of the year, these suggestions can come in handy.

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