How to keep your wines at home

notícias guardar os seus vinhos em casa / keep wine at home

If you’re a wine lover or just occasionally enjoy a glass of wine, after choosing and buying a wine it’s important that you know how to keep it properly to preserve its characteristics and flavor for longer.

In this article, find out how to store wine if you’ve already opened it or even before you open it. Let’s start with the bottle of wine you haven’t opened yet to ensure it is properly stored until you open it. These are the recommended practices you should follow:

Ventilated area

The place where you store your wines can make all the difference. You should choose an airy environment with good ventilation and away from products with strong smells that can alter the taste and aroma of the wine.

Constant temperature between 12º and 14ºC

Along with the location, temperature is one of the main factors to take into account for proper storage. Regardless of whether it’s white or red wine, the wine should ideally be kept at a stable temperature of between 12º and 14º since below 10º it can slow down its ageing, while above 15º it can have the opposite effect, accelerating the ageing of the wine. Although these values may be higher in summer and lower in winter, the variation in the wine’s temperature should not exceed 4 to 5ºC, up or down.

Humidity of around 60%

All types of wine should be exposed to a humidity level of 60% in order to prevent the corks from drying out if the humidity level is too low, allowing the wine to evaporate and thus compromising the quality of the wine. On the other hand, excessive humidity can lead to the formation of mold, damaging labels and corks.

We know that keeping a wine exposed to 60% humidity is a difficult figure to achieve, but in either case, if you use a dehumidifier you will be able to keep the humidity at the ideal level. To reduce the level of humidity in the room, you can also sprinkle sand or place containers of coarse salt on the floor.

No vibrations and little light

If you’ve bought a wine and you’re only going to open it on a special occasion, we advise you to keep it in a place with little light, especially protected from sunlight which can accelerate the ageing of the wine and alter its quality. Artificial lights are also to be avoided.

Bottles horizontally

When storing a bottle of wine, lay it flat, as this helps to keep the cork moist and prevents it from letting air through. On the other hand, if the bottle is upright, the cork can dry out and shrink, allowing air to get in and the wine to oxidize and evaporate.

If you’ve been given a bottle this Christmas, you already know what to do.

And how do you keep a bottle of wine that has already been opened?

Once opened, in addition to some of the factors mentioned above, there are some precautions to be taken, namely:

  • Place the cork correctly in the bottle, making sure that the exposed part of the cork faces the inside of the bottle, thus avoiding premature oxidation of the wine;
  • Always store the bottle upright (as opposed to storing a closed bottle) in the fridge, even if it is a red wine, as the cold helps to slow down the oxidation process;
  • Buy a small vacuum pump with special stoppers, which remove the air from the bottle, helping to preserve the wine better;
  • Consume quickly, because although all these precautions help preserve the wine for longer once it has been opened, as a general rule most wines don’t keep for more than three days.

Preserving a wine whether opened or still requires a lot of attention to small details, but when it comes to tasting it, this effort pays off.

Following these recommended practices ensures that your wines don’t lose their quality.

Are you old enough to consume alcoholic beverages in your country? Be responsible. Drink in moderation.