About us

A project created by three siblings

The dream had been in the family for decades waiting for the right time to come to life. The search for the best wine, in the best regions, close to the greatest producers is the passion inspires us.

Adding to it is the life experience of growing close to the vineyards, the boldness of taking a risk with new flavors, the challenge of adapting to new market demands and the entrepreneurship to feed a dream that was born from the land.

Cadeado Wines is a project created by three siblings who share a passion for wine, individually lending their determination and best set of skills to it’s development. The final goal is only one, to provide unforgettable moments to the ones who choose Cadeado Wines as a company and to mark them with the experience of its quality.

A brand of future

Created to bring the best Portuguese wines to you, at Cadeado Wines we travel to the source. Selecting the best grapes and adding our knowledge as well a lot of passion for this practice is our secret to producing the best wines, always at the most competitive prices.

Despite the youthfulness of the company our wines are enjoyed on a daily basis in eight countries around the world. The success of our wines prompted the accelerated growth of the project in the last two years and will allow for our wines to be available and enjoyed in more than 20 countries in the next two years.

Our ultimate desire and goal is for the authenticity and unique characteristics of our wines to be enjoyed all over the world.


Producing a good wine is an art which demands both wisdom and passion. Variables such as the type of soil, the clime, the cultivated varieties, the organization of the vineyard and the winemaking process consist of fundamental understandings that can only be balanced by knowledge and experience in the area. That is exactly the image of our brand.

The production of the best wines starts in the vineyard with a careful selection of the grapes during the picking process in order to guarantee the best for wines of great quality and potential.

The meticulous way the grapes are handled in the next steps, from the fermentation to the time and place of maturation, is part of the magic of Enology, an art we perfect everyday.

Wine producing regions

Despite Portugal being a small country, it has a great diversity of lands which translates to a rich and diverse relation between the characteristics and quality of the soil and the micro-climate of each region. Together with the large variety of grapes and both the wisdom and experience of Portuguese producers, this reality allows Portugal to be acknowledged as a top producer in the international panorama, amongst critics and specialists of the area.

Currently, there are 14 areas capable of creating wines with geographical indication. Cadeado Wines is present in the main ones.


Located on the west coast south of Lisbon. Word says that the Phoenicians and the Greeks brought several varieties to the region, but it was the Romans who developed the practice. Fiction or reality, today this region offers a great variety of wines thanks to the Mediterranean climate – dry and warm in the summer, mild, rainy and very humid in the winter.

Cadeado Wines_Mapa_Peninsula de Setubal_1
Cadeado Wines_Mapa_Peninsula de Setubal_1


Region where both the vine and the wine are firmly rooted in the tradition of the locals. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a lot of the wines produced in this region account for the most consumed in the country. Characterized by a flat geography and high temperatures, Alentejo offers unmatched conditions for the production of wine – in the months before the harvest, the rain is rare and the sun is abundant, which works in favor of the grape’s ripening.

Cadeado Wines_Mapa_Alentejo_1
Cadeado Wines_Mapa_Alentejo_1
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